#30xThirtyInside Challenge

As travelers, sometimes we get caught up with taking photos just to prove that we visited a city. Instead of wandering into those gorgeous cathedrals in Venice, we only appreciate their exterior beauty. But the inside of these stunning works of architecture are often times even more impressive than their outsides. This week’s photo challenge is about getting inside of the churches, cathedrals, mosques, temples, etc. that you either pass by daily in your local city, or only take a selfie outside of during your travels. Share these photos with us on using #30xThirtyInside for a chance to win a travel prize and 30xTHIRTY travel schwag.


  1. Post a photo or video of a cathedral or church you explored lately using the #30xThirtyInside and mentioning @30xthirty. Include a caption explaining any significance of the photo and alley experience.
  2. Submit as many entries as you like between Tuesday 24th and Sunday June 5th.
  3. The winner of this challenge will be announced on Tuesday June 7th on our Instagram feed and will receive a travel prize and 30xTHIRTY travel schwag.

**Photos must be posted from a public account.